In the last 50 years, the information age has given birth to an emergence of intelligent organizations, self-regulating social organisms, peered-networks and open knowledge.

The Pandemic has proven to be a portal for emerging possibilities and today,  it offers a liminal space where we can challenge our inherited truths and ask ourselves the deep questions.

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From Current Values,

Traditional Forms of Learning

and Expected Outcome


Our current model of knowledge and our education model is outdated and outmoded for the Learning Age. It is built on values that no longer serve us nor reflect what our world needs. 

Why We Learn →

The education model is a holdover from the Industrial Age, when we needed throngs of like-minded people to perform rote, preplanned tasks lead by an emerging ruling class and a strong hierarchy.

How We Are Taught → 

​Today, Education is a controlled pyramidal institution based on a model of scarcity of knowledge and expertise and adhering to a single image of a subject matter expert and a “good student".

Expected Outcome → 

The best students can prove knowledge acquisition via retention and regurgitation in the hope of fitting in a mechanistic society and performing for command and controlled organizations.

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Emerging values

To Emerging Values,

New Forms of Learning

And Unexpected Outcome


We have an opportunity to explore a new paradigm for the student - teacher relationship and what it means to promote learning above knowledge acquisition.

Why Are We Really Learning? →

Learning is how we experience life.

Discovering the truth and learning skills is the inherent journey of being human. The meaning we find in our lives through our experiences are seeds to an authentic living experience and the expression of our true self.


How Can We UnLearn? →

The Unlearning University community explores the paths to an unlearning process.

When we offer co-creation of learning experiences, we empower students to become capable learners and decision makers and a more fulfilling role for a new generation of teachers and educators.

How do We See Emerging Possibilities?

​​When Aristotle was said to observed that "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts", it was a reminder that when we embrace a vision in which we sustain ourselves we are at same time supported by our surroundings and by our communities.